Menus for our PADS night Tuesday 3/2

Logistics, as well as number of guests, can change daily at Hesed House and we'll adapt the best we can.
Please check this page for any changes to our menu items and/or quantities.


  • chicken parmesan w/pasta

  • green beans

  • green salad

  • Italian bread

  • pie

breakfast (the next morning)

  • breakfast sandwich

  • cereal

  • milk

  • juice

lunch (the following day)

  • ham or turkey sandwich

  • chips

  • fruit

  • cookies

  • granola bar

Of course social distancing is impossible in Hesed's kitchen, so a few of us will cook at OLM and bring hot trays to the current shelter locations.

Please look at the current needs list below, and please note descriptions and quantities - with limited resources we need to stick to the menu plan.

Can't drop off and would still like to help? You can send us a check or you can donate on-line. Please make checks payable to Our Lady of Mercy and write "Hesed House-PADS" in the memo line. If you are making donations online, please use the "PADS/ Hesed House" tab.

Any questions? please email Jean.

If you haven't kept up with Hesed House news lately, please check out immediate needs and how to drop-off.

Thank you for all you do for our sisters and brothers in need! We hope and pray for better days when we can gather again in His name in person at Hesed House. We miss you! God bless!

your PADS team at OLM


Any other donations must be made directly to Hesed House.